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About the Curriculum

Through the planning and execution of a Lemonade Stand Business, the Lemonade Day curriculum is designed to walk students from the early steps of learning to set goal, through developing a plan for that goal, introducing business terms, creating a budget and learning about investing to the execution of a plan, speaking in the community, and earning, saving, spending and sharing their reward – the profits gained from their business.

Students gain experience in: Leadership; Teamwork; Financial Literacy; Resourceness; Problem Solving; Resilence; and more life skills.

Lemonade Day engages students in a fun and meaningful activity; parents as supporters, partners, educators and lemonade customers; and the community as investors or suppliers of donated materials, as guest speakers and lemonade customers!

In all the learning models the children’s experience culminates with the launching of their lemonade business. With help from parents, teachers, mentors, and Babson volunteers, children use the Lemonade Day curriculum to learn the steps needed to start a business-from setting a goal, creating a business plan, forming a budget, finding an investor, to saving money and donating back to community. While having fun, children are learning math and reading skills such as quantitative reasoning and vocabulary development in addition to improving life skills like critical thinking, self-direction and problem solving. These skills are embodied in Babson’s Entrepreneurial Leadership competencies. Entrepreneurial Leadership embodies the life skills that students need to succeed in their education and beyond.

Lemonade Day can be implemented in schools and afterschool, mentoring or enrichment programs.

School Day. Lemonade Day can be implemented  during the school day as part of a math, social studies or general education classroom. Teacher’s guides are provided

Enrichment Program. Whether your program is a one-to-one mentoring organization or a large afterschool group program, the flexibility of the Lemonade Day curriculum will engage your students in meaningful lessons of entrepreneurial leadership.

See our current list of partners and contact us for more information about becoming a partner.

 Lemonade Day Boston supports National and local educational standards, while helping students to realize their potential and become leaders of their own future.

Lemonade Day Supports Boston Public School Citywide Learning Standards

Lemonade Day is aligned with and supports Boston Public Schools’ Curriculum for middle school students. See the ways in which they are aligned here: BPS Grade 6 and 7 LD Curriculum Integration (pdf)

Lemonade Day is Common Core Standardized

The Lemonade Day curriculum has been standardized to the Common Core to provide multiple ways of engaging existing classroom and program curriculum. While engaging in this fun activity, students are applying those skills schools and educators are teaching everyday. These documents show the connections with the common core and the Lemonade Day curriculum: National Core Standards (pdf)

Lemonade Day Supports Search Institute Developmental Standards

Additionally, the curriculum supports a majority of The Search Institute’s 40 Development Assets for Middle Childhood (ages 8-12) including: Commitment to Learning; Positive Values; Social Competencies; and Positive Identity. Learn more about the many connections from these resources: 40 Developmental Assets Search Institute (pdf)



Check out our program videos to learn more about student and educator experiences.